Pełna wersja: "England" succumbs to Australia Trade era after the EU
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The United Kingdom (UK) completely left the European Union (EU) or "Brexit" on December 31, 2020 through a "trade agreement" between the United Kingdom. and the European Union has officially expired. That is to say, various commercial benefits have ended.

reports that The UK government has also been trying to find new trade deals with other countries after leaving the EU. And most recently, during the past week, a trade agreement with the country  pg slot "Australia", although the details of this agreement have not yet been published. The most obvious is that both countries will liberalize trade in agricultural products within 15 years, including no restrictions on import quotas. including the number of exports

The deal will give Australia more access to the UK food market. This would make it easier for large Australian farms to export meats like lamb and beef to the UK. Meanwhile, the Australian government said The agreement will make it easier for the UK to export goods and services to Australia. and famous products such as cars, scotch whiskey, biscuits cookies and ceramic materials. It will be cheaper in Australia.

As the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, The deal benefits UK farmers. to be able to export more to Australia And UK residents will have greater access to Australia's famous products as well.

While "Scott Morrison" Australian Prime Minister said. When such agreement is successful It will be good news for automakers and it will be good news for the UK service sector. for financial services It will also be good news for the agricultural sector of both countries.

However, Minnet Batters, chairman of the UK farmers' union, is concerned that the trade deal will affect the domestic agricultural industry Due to the higher cost of agricultural products in the UK from more stringent control measures Batters warned that If a “wrong” deal is made, cheaper Australian goods will come into play. “A UK farmer's family is slowly dying.”