Pełna wersja: How do I prepare my car for transport?
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It is very important that after hiring a car transport in  Visakhapatnam company, you have to make the car properly. For that you must do some important work through which you can avoid accidents.
  1. Wash your car . Dirt and dust can easily hide scratches, and dents on the car body or other place.
  2. Clean the inside of the car .
  3. Disable the alarm.
  4. Don't gas up.
  5. Check for leaks.
  6. Check tire pressure.
  7. Check the break
  8. Check engine is in operational condition or not
  9. Remove custom accessories from the car  
  10. Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle 
  11. Lock the car properly
If the car has any previous dent or damage, then you have to note down and inform the car shifting company. They can take proper care if there is any problem on the car.