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I have heard and been told 2K is working on a fix for this problem
Then there NBA 2K MT are the reflections around the court and this is a place where tried and tested technology wins daily. Based on what I am seeing, I believe the sport utilizes planar reflections as opposed to beam tracked or SSR reflections. Planar reflections are still helpful when applied to one plane like the court but they are not as flexible in a more intricate game universe. In this case, the reflection is changed by shaders used on the wood floors to correctly distort what you see. The quality and resolution of the reflection seems improved on next-gen versus last. It's even more convincing and highly realistic. The character of planar reflections also means that objects could be perfectly duplicated and reflections can seep with no difficulty. The backboard also receives mirror-like reflections which reveal both the hoop itself and the ball although the internet receives fine physics as you jam the ball in.None of those features are new to the next-gen version but everything feels much more refined overall.Server Stability in The City and MyTeam When you consider the next-gen version of the game has only been out for 10 times on PlayStation 5 and 12 on Xbox Series X, it's really not overly worrisome that the game is still having some lag and connectivity problems.

Having said that, a few of the instances where users are seeing these problems are unacceptable. The limitation on the amount of people who can make it to the City is a tough pill to swallow. I have heard and been told 2K is working on a fix for this problem, and I would assume it'd be on top of the list of priorities.

Another significant place we're seeing connectivity/lag issues is MyTeam. Because 2K is facilitating the opening phases of the annual MyTeam $250,000 championship, it makes these problematic spots even costly.NBA 2K League veteran and multiple-time participant in the tournament Jin captured and posted this moment that saw him or his competitor Buy MT 2K21 lag out of a recent contest.If 2K will run eSports contests on line, they must do everything in their power to ensure proper connectivity.
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